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Mosler UL-TL15

Full composite construction
9000 p.s.i. Resistance concerete and heavy steel plates in a 3'' body thickness.

U.L. Listed
Manufactured certified fire label 1200° for 1 ½ hour

Door material
Over  ½'' thick steel with 1 ¾'' high density burglary and fire material.

Intumescent door fire seal.

Bolt work
Massive 1½'' diameter chromed plated bolts.

2 way boltwork

Glass relockers
Massive relock system when attacked underneath a massive bracket.

Large heavy duty hinges with bearing plate for smooth operations.

In standard equipped with one UL-listed mechanical combination lock
(Additional option: UL-listed key lock)

High qualiy durable Sherwin Willimas paint finish.

Adjustable shelves
All models are supplied with adjustable shelves.

Model External Dim. (HxWxD) Internal Dim. (HxWxD) Weight
MSTF-100 680x578x541 502x400x324 467 kg
MSTF-150 826x635x598 648x457x438 625 kg
MSTF-150D 813x686x674 635x508x457 651 kg
MSTF-200 940x673x642 762x495x425 757 kg
MSTF-300w 997x740x820 819x562x603 813 kg
MSTF-300 1219x673x642 1041x495x425 849 kg
MSTF-350w 1327x775x750 1149x597x533 1296 kg
MSTF-400w 1524x775x750 1372x597x533 1214 kg
MSTF-450w 1778x889x750 1626x712x534 1507 kg
MSTF-500 1676x876x674 1499x699x439 1140 kg
MSTF-600 2007x1092x941 1829x914x724 2040 kg