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Home Fire Resistant Safes

These Home fireproof safes are ideal for use at home, home offices and department stores for storage of valuables and cash. Each safe provides the option of a high security key-lock and combination lock or high security key lock and digital lock.

The MS-D Series provide a combination lock option while the MS-T series provide a user friendly digital lock option.

Both MS-D and MS-T series are UL tested for 1 hour fire resistance.

Both series are suitable for fixing to the floor or wall.

Model External Dim. HxWxD (mm) Internal Dim. DxWxH (mm) Weight Capacity Shelf / Drawer
MS-D310 MS-T310 308x420x355 204x314x236 37 kg 15.1 l 0 / 1
MS-D360 MS-T360 360x490x425 236x381x306 57 kg 27.5 l 0 / 1
MS-T500 (+ LCD) 500x350x425 381x236x306 57 kg 27.5 l 1 / 1